3 of the Best Golf Clubs Reviewed by Pro Golfer Keith Morgan

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 27 November 2016

Are you looking for the best golf clubs to help improve your game? Lowland Lettings’ golf ambassador & PGA professional Keith Morgan reviews some of his most recent favourites below.

The days of off-the-shelf golf clubs are long gone, with most golfers now realising that clubs which are properly custom-fitted allow you to play at your best.

This is because when it comes to golf, everyone plays a little bit differently – there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ – which is why many people now choose to get a specialist fitting from a PGA pro (which you can read more about below!).


That being said, there are still some golf clubs and brands which particularly stand out as delivering amazing quality, performance and playability – so, if you’re looking to invest your money into some quality clubs, it’s worth doing a bit of homework first.

As a PGA pro with over 20 years’ experience, I thought I’d help you out by reviewing some of my most recent favourites and I’ve also included some advice about the best scenarios in which to use them – just remember to consult a pro first!

1. Odyssey White Hot RX7

I’m a big fan of the The Odyssey White Hot RX7, and its distinctive half horse shoe shape has been popular on the tours for years now – I’d say it’s been popularised by players such as Luke Donald and Tom Watson.

The face inserts on all of the Odyssey putters have a fantastic feel about them, and this oversized head is slightly heavier which I find enhances distance control for some players.

This particular club is really good for players who don’t always hit the middle of the face, or need a little more weight in the head to help create more of a pendulum rhythm in the stroke.

Where to buy: Any of the official Odyssey stockists – you can find them via the official site. Remember, always get advice from a pro to ensure the mallet suits your style of game first!

2. Great Big Bertha Driver (2016 version)

This driver from Callaway looks clean at address, and comes from an iconic name in the world of golf drivers. Its moveable weight and adjustability at the neck for loft and face angle set it apart from the rest.

As a high-end driver, Great Big Bertha does not disappoint; I love it because of its great feel and performance, but it also have a fantastic sound, and is aimed at a wide range of abilities.

I was recently fitted at a Callaway demo day and this is a great way to get the correct driver for your game – which was a bit weird, as thats what I used to do when I worked for Callaway. Ewan, you nailed it !

I must stress you should always be fitted by an expert to ensure your club of choice fits your needs. There’s also the cheaper Callaway XR model, but the difference in forgiveness and adjustability is worth the higher price in my opinion.

NOTE: Got to admit, I spent 13 years working for Callaway Golf in custom fitting and sales, so I may still be a little biased towards their products – I believe the research and development that goes into Callaway’s clubs is industry-leading.

Where to buy: Any preferred Callaway retailer – you can find one closest to you by checking the official Callaway website.

3. Taylor Made M2 Hybrid

Taylor Made have really nailed the aesthetics here with this Hybrid club, as it looks stunning at address. It also features a speed pocket for greater forgiveness, and a new quick launch.

I trialled this recently via a good friend and have to say it’s the best looking, most forgiving, and easiest to use Hybrid I’ve ever hit – I’d definitely recommend giving it a try! You’ll probably get the most benefit hitting it from the tee fairway or semi-rough. For me as a Pro i was looking for a fairly low spin flight as some Hybrids I’ve used in the past spin the ball a bit too much for my style of swing , but this one nailed it.

Where to buy: All good Pro shops or Taylor Made stockists should have this one, but again, ensure it’s the right fit for you. You could even go to a Taylor Made demo day to try it first.

My own personal favourite

It has to be said, the only games I win these days are on a Sunday morning against two good friends, with a massive £1 at stake – it still gets quite competitive, though!

My favourite club right now has to be my putter; I have an unusual Odyssey Mallet-shaped putter that was made for a Tour Player, so was never really a sale item. Ever since I moved to a larger grip and reversed my putting grip to left below right, the Odyssey has seriously impressed me.

I’m loving it, as I’ve never putted so well! Let’s just say I’ve taken quite a few £1 coins over the past few Sundays – which I guess proves one thing; equipment will take you so far, but technique also needs to be improved by working with your coach.

Odyssey are really leading the market in quality putters right now.

Get a specialist fitting from a PGA pro

As I said above, I’d highly recommend you get a specialist fitting from a PGA pro, or club fitting expert, as most use very advanced launch monitors to show you accurate data on your ball flight – it really helps you to understand so much more about your game.

A pro will be able to look at your data and help advise you on the type of clubs that suit you best, and why – as well as which choices you have for perfectly customised clubs to match your swing. So, when it comes to splashing out on clubs, you know you’re making the right choice.

HOT TIP: Over the years I spent fitting golfers, I realised the weight of the club and shaft was just as important as the flex or loft, so ask your fitter for his advice on this – and make sure it suits your swing profile!


Remember, some styles of clubs will suit different players better than others, and this is where a PGA club pro can give you good advice on what’s best, as they generally have the best facilities and tools to do this.

Generally, all the top branded golf club manufacturers produce very high quality clubs nowadays, so once properly fitted it really comes down to personal choice, whether that be looks, brand or budget.

I wish you the best of luck in finding those ideal golf clubs that’ll make you a winner!

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