3 Steps to Successfully Installing a Hot Tub in Your Holiday Let

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 08 November 2016

Are you thinking about installing a hot tub for your holiday let’s guests to enjoy?

Perhaps you’ve already made the decision, but want to know a bit more about what to expect during and after your hot tub’s installation.

I know some holiday let owners can be a little put off by the amount of work involved in running a hot tub all year round – and straight off the bat, let me tell you it’s quite involved – but just like anything, having one in your holiday let can be extremely rewarding for both you and your guests.

For instance, did you know that thousands of people search for holiday lets with hot tubs every month? You could reap the rewards with lots of extra bookings!

We recently had our own hot tub installed by Luxe Spa, so below I’m going to tell you a little bit about the ordering and installation process, as well as what to expect in terms of ongoing maintenance for your hot tub.

Why we chose Luxe Spa


Personally, we’ve always been interested in hot tubs, and bought one of the inflatable ones for our son’s birthday. It was really fun to use, and we also learned there are various amazing health benefits when you regularly use one to relax in – such as improved sleep patterns!

After the success of the inflatable hot tub, we started thinking about installing a larger, more traditional hot tub in our holiday let annex – which is conveniently located right next to our own family home, so we’d be able to use it too when we had no guests around (a nice bonus).

I began to pay a lot of attention to Luxe Spa on Twitter, as they were always sharing helpful content from their website, and just seemed to really care about their customers. We started chatting, and they were able to send me a few emails about maintenance and benefits etc.

It didn’t take us long before we were convinced, so we chose our hot tub – which was reserved for us with a £200 deposit – booked our installation, were told we could pay the rest at the end of our installation.

NOTE: Luxa Spa order their hot tubs from abroad, but they do go over to personally inspect the factories and ensure everything coming over is to a high standard.

Before the installation

After we’d made our initial order, Luxe Spas were fantastic in that they kept us fully updated on the status of our shipment, gave us a date, and told us exactly what to prepare for.

The biggest thing we hadn’t been expecting was the requirement of an electrician before our hot tub could be installed. This includes the installation of a 4mm 3-core SY cable, and a 32A lockable rotary isolator switch IP65, which you can easily book with your local electrician.

We also exchanged photos with Luxe Spa as to where our hot tub would be going (to ensure the ground was level) as well as the access steps and entrance to the house. All through the process, Luxe Spas were very communicative and helpful, and any questions we had were answered.

Step 1. Hot tub installation



On the day of the installation, there was just one minor hiccup – it was trickier than expected for the installation team to get the hot tub where it needed to go, due to some  unforeseen issues with the gate opening and stairs.

Luckily, we managed to get round it when my husband managed to fashion a makeshift solution out of some steel ladders!

After that it was full steam ahead, with ensuring the hot tub was on level ground, wiring it up, and filling it with water and the relevant chemicals required. We had to leave it heating up for 24 hours before it could be used – unfortunately this is entirely necessary to ensure the right pH balance and water temperature.

Step 2. Preparing for guests

Now, this is the part many people find intimidating – when you’re left alone with a bubbling hot tub and a load of chemicals! Fortunately, Luxe Spas were really helpful and nothing seemed too much trouble, so they explained all the steps to us for getting the hot tub just right.



They also left us detailed written instructions, a care guide, and some testing strips to check the water – although we found getting used to how to do everything can take a few days of trial and error before you’re really confident in making sure the hot tub is ready to use. However as long as you follow the results on the testing strips everything is pretty straight forward. Please do take care however if the strips show an imbalance and adjust the chemicals before you use the hot tub regardless of how tempting the water looks!

The day after the installation, the chemicals in our hot tub weren’t quite right yet, so we had to do a bit more balancing and wait another 24 hours. This is why I want to stress that owning a hot tub – especially in your holiday let – requires constant (daily) monitoring of chemical levels.

As I said, it does take a bit of getting used to, but it’s really worth it in the end – and I’d recommend getting your hot tub installed at least a few days before you’re guests are due to arrive!

Step 3. Let your guests enjoy!

Phew, so that’s the hard part over with – all you have to do now is stay on top of maintenance and ensure you change the water (for hygiene purposes) every time you have new guests! (Of course, for just using the tub for yourself, you’d only have to change the water every couple of months)

TIP: Read our blog ‘How to Safely Maintain Your Holiday Let’s Hot Tub For Guests’ to learn all you need to know about hot tub cleaning and maintenance – including how to arrange an annual service.

One thing I’d mention again here is that you will have to monitor and maintain your running hot tub every day, which is easy enough for us as our annex happens to be right next to our home! However, if your holiday let is across town, it may be a little trickier.

One way round this is to perhaps leave instructions and testing strips for your guests if they are staying for a week and want to make full use of the hot tub during their stay, but you may not want to leave them with that responsibility – it’s your call.

TIP: You’ll also need to ensure your hot tub comes with a lockable cover that should be left on at all times when not in use – this is just good safety practice, especially if you have young families staying.


We’re absolutely delighted with our new hot tub; it’s just bliss! It was a bit intimidating at first, as we were left with lots of chemicals, testing strips and information to take in – but after we got the hang of it, and with the support of Lux Spa, there was no stopping us and now our guests can enjoy all the great health benefits!

Remember; just like running a holiday let, having a hot tub for your guests does require a lot of extra effort – and if you’re not prepared to monitor and pay attention to your chemical levels on a daily basis, it’s not the best option for you. Luckily you’ll get a clear guide to help you!

If you need any more help or advice about installing a hot tub in your holiday let, get in touch or leave a comment below!

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