5 of the Best Tips for Golfing in the Scottish Borders

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 27 November 2016

Planning on the golfing trip of a lifetime to the beautiful and historic Scottish Borders?

With so many visually stunning and challenging courses to choose from, it’s no wonder you’re thinking about the Borders as the next place to get your game on.

But if it’s your first time experiencing golf in the area, you may be curious about what to expect, and how best to prepare, so you can get the most out of your trip.

Here at Lowland Lettings, we have guests coming from all over the world to take advantage of some top notch golf, and a lot of them ask me for a bit of advice beforehand.

Below are some of the biggest tips I usually share with them.

1. Plan well in advance

This first tip may seem a little obvious, but we’d definitely recommend planning your golfing trip well in advance – especially as there are some fantastic golf deals available that can be customised to include accommodation and other extras (we might even be able to help!).

Most courses are open April to October, with some open all year around, however I’d say the best time to visit is from May to September due to the slightly more favourable weather! And definitely contact your chosen club/s in order to book your rounds in advance.

You may also wish to compare some of the best ways to stay in Scotland, so you can have plenty of time to decide which type of accommodation will best suit your stay.


2. Pack carefully for the climate

Luckily, most of my guests know to pack sturdy, waterproof shoes and adequate rain gear, but you can never be too careful. I’d also recommend taking plenty of easily layerable clothing (microfibre is your friend), as the weather can be very changeable throughout the day.

The average summer temperature is usually around 18ºC (65-75ºF), but taking a light jumper and waterproof jacket is definitely advised.

TIP: Just like most places, many Scottish golf clubs don’t allow jeans and collarless shirts, and some more traditional clubs may require a jacket, collar and tie to be worn in the main lounge. Soft-spike shoes aren’t mandatory but are perfectly acceptable in the Borders.

3. Bring your handicap certificate (if applicable)

If you have a handicap, a few courses in the Borders may require you to bring along your handicap certificate – although for most, you should be fine without. And breathe easy – most courses no longer need you to bring a letter from your club professional.

You’ll find the majority of Borders courses very welcoming, providing you know how to play the game and are aware of general etiquette.


4. Hire a caddy to get more out of your round

If you’re playing a championship course for the first time, the experience of a caddy could help you get the most out of your game – especially on links courses where the ground tends to be flatter and you have less of an idea of the ground ahead of you.

If you do wish to hire a caddy, I’d recommend mentioning it when you first call to book. Pull-trolleys and limited ride-on golf buggies should also be available, but it’s also worth checking for this in advance when you book your round.

5. Golf clubs are available to hire

Don’t fancy lugging your heavy golf clubs through the airport? There are various places to hire professional golf clubs. Two online sites are Scotland Golf Club Hire, and GolfGearHire.com, but you may also want to check with your chosen course to see if they recommend anywhere local.


I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful when preparing for your golfing trip in the Scottish Borders, but if you need help or advice on any aspect of your stay, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or leave a comment below.

We wish you all the best for an unforgettable trip – you’re going to love it!