6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Hot Tub in Your Holiday Let

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 08 November 2016

Are you thinking about buying a hot tub for your holiday let, but aren’t sure if it’ll be worth it?

Hot tubs are becoming more and more of a popular choice for holiday let owners, as they offer an extra bit of luxury for guests, but actually taking that leap can seem daunting. You may be thinking: “What if my investment doesn’t pay off?” or “What if it’s more trouble than it’s worth?”

There’s so much to think about, such as the type of hot tub you want, where best to position it, and then of course there’s the regular care and maintenance to ensure the safety and well-being of your guests – no wonder you’re feeling uncertain of the potential hassle.

However, with hot tub holidays now being highly sought after by guests, you could argue that the benefits far outweigh the cons – as long as you don’t mind making a little bit of extra effort!

As a holiday let owner myself, let me tell you why providing a hot tub could bring a nice income boost to your holiday let.

1. Enjoy more bookings

It’s undeniable that providing extras such as a hot tub will attract more guests to your property, and from our own research via Google’s keyword tool (which anyone with an account can access), you can see there are thousands of people searching for hot tub holidays every day.

In this screenshot, we looked at just three of the countries we get the most visits from; the UK, Germany and the USA. The average monthly searches for ‘lodges with hot tubs’ totalled 40,500, whilst ‘cottages with hot tubs’ came in at 18,100.


2. A nice income boost

Having an additional feature as fabulous as a luxury hot tub can also give you the opportunity to increase your booking charges – some holiday let owners find they can increase their booking charges by around 10 – 20%, and still leave their competition behind in the dust!

This is, of course, entirely optional – you may just want to keep your holiday let as attractive as possible by offering the most affordable deals on the basis you’ll get more bookings, or just play it by ear depending on the season.

If you’re feeling unsure, the best thing to do is check out your competition – if they have a hot tub too, you’ll want to keep your pricing competitive.

3. Happier guests

Happy guests should be what your holiday letting business is all about – and if you have the chance of making their holiday extra memorable with a lovely, invigorating hot tub experience, then their happiness will (hopefully) be reflected in some wonderful reviews.

And we all know what good reviews can do for your business, don’t we? They help attract even more paying guests!

4. Simple and quick to install

Most hot tubs can be installed and ready to use within just a couple of days, and there are now a wealth of reputable installers (such as Luxe Spa) who will be more than happy to quote you an affordable price, install your hot tub for you, and provide you with all the aftercare you need.

TIP: Although an installer will take care of most of the hard work, you will need your local Part-P certified electrician to come and install an outdoor supply close to your preferred hot tub location.


And once you’re up and running, there are so many tips and tricks online to help you maintain and care for your hot tub so your guests can enjoy it at its best.

5. Add value to the property

Installing a hot tub can be a good way to increase the overall value of your property if you ever decide to sell. In fact, even if you’re planning to take it with you, just its presence can convince and inspire eager buyers that this could be the perfect paradise for them!

So, it makes sense to look at your new hot tub as a bit of an investment!

6. You can use it yourself!

Finally, another great benefit of having a hot tub installed in your holiday home is that you can also take advantage of it yourself when the property is empty! Great for taking away some of the stress that comes from running your own business, and reminding you of your amazing investment.

After all, everyone should be able to treat themselves once in a while, am I right?


I hope this blog post has helped you discover some of the fantastic potential benefits of installing a hot tub in your holiday let – for you AND your guests.

I’m not saying it doesn’t involve some effort and cost, but the fact that thousands of people are searching for hot tub holidays every month means you could enjoy more bookings, and even increase your booking charges if you want.

What do you think – could installing a hot tub be worth it for you?

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