9 of the Best Holiday Letting Websites Compared

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 28 December 2015

Are you looking to list your holiday let online?

Over the years, I’ve found that many of my clients have looked into listing their holiday lets, but usually come to me first because they are unsure of where to start.

The good news is, there are so many professional holiday letting websites to choose from, and most of them are either free or charge a very modest fee.

Below, I’ve put together an overview of 9 of the best holiday letting websites, so you can decide which to use for yourself. I even use some of these for my own clients!

1. Holiday Lettings/TripAdvisor

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 18.30.02

TripAdvisor and Holiday Lettings are linked, and holidaylettings.co.uk allows you to list your property on both sites free of charge! And with payment protection, over 100,000 reviews and the opportunity to reach millions worldwide, this first choice is a fairly safe bet.

I also really like this site as it provides lots of helpful resources for owners, such as how to improve your listing, and plenty of tips and tricks to make sure you can easily find your way around and get the most out of your account.

Although Holiday Lettings is free to list, like many other sites, they will charge the booker a fee – sometimes as much as 10%. They will also charge you 3% plus VAT for each booking – however, if you use their paid service (£359) then you or the booker will not incur any charges.

TIP: Another point to remember is that Holiday Lettings will hide contact details, so dealing with complex bookings may be difficult – the company itself is also difficult to get in touch with if there are any problems.

Cost: Free to list/3% + VAT for each booking

2. Promote My Place

If you’d like your own website to help attract more guests to your holiday let, but aren’t particularly tech-savvy, Promote My Place aims to help you create a visually pleasing website that should get their attention.

You can start a 14-day free trial to see what all the fuss is about, but after that you’ll be paying £69 per year. The company also provides free advertising in various directories included as part of the overall package.

Cost: £69 per year

3. The Holiday Let

The Holiday Let is another very professional looking listings website which will allow you to advertise your property absolutely free for 12 months (if you sign up in 2015). After that, you will be charged a “low rate annual subscription” which I assume is their standard £20 annual renewal.

When you sign up, your holiday let listing will show up in various searches on the website and also in the ‘latest properties’ section. Plus, you’ll be able to edit your property listing at any time, and look at statistics of who’s been viewing it

If you want a bit more of a boost for your property, there’s also the option of featuring it on the website for just £10 – for that price, your website will be prominently displayed for a whole month.

Cost: £20 annual renewal rate

4. Home Away

I really like the Home Away website; not only is the photography and layout fantastic, but it also makes it so easy to search for properties. Scrolling down the homepage, there’s even a map you can click on to show what’s on offer in the country you’d like to visit!

This is one of the pricier options, however, the website does boast that you can make up to £54,000 per year by advertising with them. And your holiday let listing will be exposed to over 60 million travellers worldwide, so there’s that.

Cost: £249 per year (excl. VAT)

5. Owners Direct

Also part of the HomeAway family, Owners Direct provide secure communications so you can communicate with guests in confidence – plus a secure account and fraud protection will have you covered.

Interestingly, you can either pay per booking, or pay an annual subscription rate starting at £199 per year. The latter option will allow you to receive unlimited bookings with no commission fees.

Cost: Pay-per-booking or £199 per year.

6. AirBnB

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 18.40.23

Websites such as AirBnB have opened up a whole new world for travellers across the globe, looking to stay in properties for less. It also makes it easier than ever for homeowners to let out a spare room, or an entire property.

You can have your listing up and running in just six easy steps. And although it’s free to list your property, there’s a 3% service fee once a reservation has been confirmed.

AirBnB has global support available 24 hours a day, and if you’re an eligible host, you’ll be protected up to £600,000 with the AirBnB host guarantee. It’s easy to add and edit your listing, and the site uses a verified ID system for extra peace of mind.

Cost: Free to list. 3% service fee upon confirmation of reservation

7. House Trip

Similar to AirBnB, House Trip allows you to list your property completely free and makes it as simple as possible to manage your bookings and guests. Plus, their customer service is available 24/7 if there’s any problems!

The way it works is that the company add a service and admin fee on top of the price you specify – so they do take a cut, but you won’t really be losing out on any of your profit.

The website is particularly attractive, as one of its main promises to guests is that they can ‘book a whole home for the price of a hotel room’. And who wouldn’t like that idea? The site already has millions of visitors, so you could be missing a trick by not listing here.

Cost: Completely free

8. Villas.com

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 18.32.01

Part of Bookings.com, Villas.com is a listings site especially for holiday lets. In the past, I’ve had great success with this particular website, although they do charge you 15% per booking (with no payable VAT as they are based in the Netherlands).

Just beware of the guarantee they provide to bookers – once booked on the website, the booking is guaranteed and if for some reason you cannot provide accommodation, you have to find alternative accommodation within a set number of hours and pay the difference or any travel costs incurred.

TIP: If you need to get in touch with the company, I’ve found going via Booking.com is much easier and the customer service team are very helpful.

Cost: 15% per booking

9. The Cottage Guide

Last but not least, another option to consider is The Cottage Guide which I personally recommend if you can afford the £150 listing fee. Unlike the others on my list, this website doesn’t actually take bookings – simply directs them to your own website.

Nevertheless, I’ve had quite a lot of guests come in this way, so it may very well be worth the money – and it’s only an annual fee of £89 after the first year.

Cost: £150

Keep on top of your bookings

If you’re going to be listing on various different holiday letting websites, it’s of the utmost importance that you keep a record of all of your bookings so you can avoid double booking guests – especially at busy times of the year!

A simple diary would do, but here at Lowland Lettings we use Super Control which can be integrated with many of the sites above. It’s an extra cost (£70+ depending on the package) to factor in, however it could save you a lot of time and stress.


If you’re unsure where to list your holiday let for the best chance of success, I’ve put together a list of 9 of the best holiday letting websites and given you an overview so you can decide for yourself.

The top 9 holiday letting websites featured are:


  • Holiday Lettings/TripAdvisor
  • Promote My Place
  • The Holiday Let
  • Home Away
  • Owners Direct
  • AirBnB
  • House Trip
  • Villas.com
  • The Cottage Guide

Have you tried listing on any of these sites? What was your experience?

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