The Best Golf Gadgets to Help Make the Most of Your Game

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 27 November 2016

Are you thinking about investing in some of the latest golf gear and tech to up your game? Lowland Lettings’ golf ambassador & PGA professional Keith Morgan talks you through some of his favourite golf gadgets..

Golf gadgets can be a lot of fun, and come in all shapes and sizes – I’ve tried many of them, as I’m the biggest gadget lover there is – but which can actually make a difference to your game?

You might be surprised how many various bits of tech and golf gear are available on the market these days, and it turns out some are definitely more helpful than others – depending on what you need them for.


As a PGA pro and self-proclaimed gadget guru, I’ve rated my top three golf gadgets and tech gear below, so you can get a better idea of what’s on offer and how they can help before spending your hard-earned cash.

But first…

What makes a good golf gadget?

In my opinion, a good golf gadget has to be:

  • Easy to use – some gadgets are just far too technical
  • Robust – I’ve had the odd experience of faults and breakages in short periods of time
  • Really useful in actually improving your game somehow
  • Legal under the golf rules!
  • Aesthetically pleasing (well, okay – that part’s optional, but nice!)

So, which golfing gadgets can I personally recommend? Let’s take a look, shall we…

1. Golf Buddy LR5

First we have the Golf Buddy LR5, which is actually a laser measuring device that you can use to find out the exact distance to the flag. With a total of three modes, it locks on 100% of the time to even the smallest of targets, and the 6x magnification makes it easy to hold a clear view of the pin.


I personally love it – without a doubt, the best bit of tech I currently use for golf. I combine it with a Voice2 for GPS yardage to front, middle and back edge.

Gadget guru score: 5/5

2. Adidas Eyewear

Next up is Adidas Eyewear, which is by far the best eyewear I’ve ever tried for golf. These are designed to enhance the green shades of the course, whilst also removing any glare or reflection from the sun (or water), and they’re so light you forget you’re actually wearing them!

Supposedly indestructible, you can pick these up from around £90 – £300 and wear them in all light situations – I even use mine for driving. Unfortunately, they do eventually break, like my last pair just did. Gutted!

Gadget guru score: 4/5

3. PowaKaddy Classic All Terrain

Finally, an electric or power trolley such as PowaKaddy is now something I use every time I play, as it’s just perfect for hilly courses – it’s never let me down in 7 years of use, and although I need to invest in a new lithium battery, other than that I can’t fault its design.

Not sure my model is still available now , but the latest Powakaddy Freeway FW3 Electric Golf Trolley: 18 Hole Lithium (Plug …looks well worth the investment

You can pick these up at most pro shops, and I find it’s definitely worth the investment – especially if you struggle with back problems and want to ease the strain.

Gadget guru score: 4.5/5

Gadgets I’ve got a close eye on at present

1. Skytrak Launch Monitor by Skycaddie

The first personal launch monitor to be released, the Skytrak Launch Monitor looks fantastic value for money, and all the pros I’ve spoken to say it’s very accurate. This baby will set you back around £1,500, but could be an investment if you want to get in plenty of practice!

2. A new iPad-shaped putting sensor mat

I’m not quite sure what the name of this one is, but I saw it in an article recently and I’ll be researching it for my own purposes very soon. The mat essentially detects everything to do with your putting stroke is up to, so you can learn more about your game – it really looks the business! (Approx. cost £399)

A gadget I’d love to invent

Now, for someone like me who loves gadgets, I often find myself wondering about my ideal piece of tech – what would be a real game changer? I think I’ve come up with something that comes close; a 3D holographic projection onto your Google Glass lens (heads up display).

The projection would essentially show you the contours of a green, which would be particularly useful if you wanted to learn to read the break in on the greens. I know it would be a massive help to those just getting to grips with it!

Thinking about buying some golf gadgets?

Gadgets and tech can be great for helping you improve your game, but there are also some great pieces of kit out there like the PowaKaddy which can save on things like back strain or fatigue, to help you make the most out of your day on the course.

The best advice I can give to you when choosing which bits of tech to invest in, is simply to speak to your Golf coach and see what they advise. After all, there’s no point buying it if it’s not related to what you need help with most, and only your coach can really help advise you on that.

For example, I’ve got to say that over the years, I must have bought over 20 gadgets or training aids and to be honest? Some of which didn’t help that much. However, I love the ones I’ve mentioned above and have gotten some great use out of them, because they really make a difference to your enjoyment of the game

Put value in your local professional or coach, listen and trust his or her advice. I’d also recommend physically testing the product if possible before buying, just so you can get a good idea whether you’ll actually get much use out of it.

I know buying online is easy, but it’s not always the best way with gadgets, as they can be far harder to return or ensure they are properly supported unless your coach recommends a site for you to order from.


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful, but if you’re seriously considering investing in a new bit of tech, I’d always recommend seeking advice from your PGA pro and trying it out first for yourself before committing to buy – although I know that’s not always possible. If buying online look closely at the reviews .

Have you tried out any of the gadgets above, or have any others you’d recommend? Let me know, in the comments section – I’d love to hear your input!

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