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How we use cookies

Cookies are basically little text files placed on your computer by the websites you visit, and are essential to ensure a website is functioning optimally. Often they contain a unique number which can recognise your computer when you return to a website you’ve been to before. They also collect statistics to ensure maximum site functionality, along with monitoring how well our ads performing. Third party cookies set by Lowland Lettings:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to measure how people are using our website via cookies. This information then helps us improve our website for visitors. We may also use it to measure how effective our ads are, and allow relevant ads to be shown to people who have shown interest in specific sections of our website – or to exclude them from specific ad campaigns that won’t interest them. If you’ve explicitly opted into Google’s data privacy policy, Google will also be able to identify you across multiple devices by associating your IP address with other data they hold, so you can be identified across multiple devices. To refuse the use of cookies, select the appropriate settings on your browser (instructions on how to do this below). There’s also a Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on which is available to install by clicking through to this external link. Installing this add-on will stop the transmission of information generated by cookies regarding your use of any website and of your IP address to Google. Read the Google Analytics privacy policy via this external link

AdWords and DoubleClick

We use AdWords and DoubleClick to help measure how effective our online ads are, helping to maximise the cost-effectiveness of our campaigns. These cookies have two main roles:

  1. To track anonymised conversion data to help us gauge how effective our ads are
  2. To serve ads to or exclude visitors who have visited our website

Another role of these cookies means that we can also limit how many times someone sees our ads. Click through to Google’s privacy policy (external link) and the DoubleClick privacy policy (external link).


MailChimp is the world’s largest email automation service. We use MailChimp to send out any emails, including newsletters, updates or promotions. We also use MailChimp to store our email list and monitor how recipients are reacting to emails (such as click and open rates) to gauge how we can improve in future. Learn more about MailChimp’s privacy policy by following this external link.


HotJar is a popular analytics tool that shows us how visitors are using our website and which areas are most frequented by displaying what’s known as heatmaps. We also receive feedback via surveys this way, allowing us to improve your experience on our website and that you always find the information you need. Check HotJar’s privacy policy via this external link.

Other cookies

Please bear in mind that we may use additional cookies from third-party or analytics partners from time-to-time over the short-term to improve the effectiveness of our ads.

Disable cookies on browsers

If you want to disable cookies on your web browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer), just click the ‘Help’ menu in the toolbar. This should guide you on how to change the settings on your browser, and how to disable cookies completely. For more guidance, click this link to (external link).

Changes to this policy

There may be future changes to this privacy policy. If any significant changes occur regarding the way your personal information is handled, we’ll make this clear via our website – or by contacting you via email.

Contact us

If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason (whether to ask a question, leave a comment, suggest a change or make a complaint) please contact us via or give us a call on 01835 869 927. You can also reach us by post: Lowland Lettings Friars Acre The Friars Jedburgh Roxburghshire, TD8 6BN