First Snow hits Scottish Borders

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 25 November 2010

 We awoke this morning in Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders to a wonderful wintery scene with about four inches of snow falling overnight. The area already renowned for its natural beauty took on an even more enchanting appearance.

We headed out with our Border Collie Mitch on his usual river walk along the Jed Water. We headed up towards Jedburgh Castle Jail stopping to catch

our breath after the steep climb and take a photo of the Castle Jail, a 19th century Howard Reform Prison the only existing example of its kind in Scotland. We then headed back downhill to Allars Mill stopping once again to take a photo of the snow glistening on the trees by the river bank.

The herons were nowhere to be seen today, probably taking shelter from the now heavy snow that was falling around us. We headed North following the river once again as it flowed past the magnificent 12th Century Abbey its Romanesque architecture covered in snow and a tranquil stillness that belies its turbulent past. Heading for home now towards the old market square, with the delicious aroma of home baking drifting towards us from the Abbey View cafe. Time for a coffee and a warm by the fire….

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Thanks for the snowy tour, Linda! In the land of my paternal ancestors, Jedburgh and Cessford.

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