If you go down to Pressmennan Woods today you are in for a big surprise…

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 07 June 2012

Go in search of mystical creatures known as Glingbobs and Tootflits who reside in what is believed to be the last traces of Scotland’s Ancient oak woodland. Pressmennan woods run by the Woodland Trust Scotland is a truly enchanting place situated in beautiful East Lothian countryside, near to the village of Stenton. With amazing views to the Bass Rock and beyond this magical woodland is rich in wildlife and you may be lucky enough to glimpse a Roe deer roaming through the trees or otter fishing in the lake. Woodpeckers can be heard high in the trees and if you dare to enter after dusk you may see bats and owls searching for food.

The mystical Glingbobs, part woodlouse and part bumble bee can usually be spotted on the forest floor and the Tootflit, part Dragon fly and part weevil inhabits the forest canopy. These creatures are so comfortable here that they have made it their home and well known members of the species houses can be found if you keep your eyes open.

Your adventure begins when you find the yellow stone that marks the start of the trail, from there on in children and adults will be enchanted with what is to be found along the way. The trail itself takes approximately 60 minutes and is an ideal way to exercise out in the beautiful East Lothian Countryside. The trail is immaculately maintained and indeed over the next 100 years the wood will be transformed by Woodland Trust Scotland to be dominated by trees such as Oak, Birch and Rowan. Information booklets and a map can be found at the start of the trail. An abundance of flora and fauna line the path and old fallen trees now become bridges and many secret holes can be seen – what could be inside?

Once you have passed the Wavey Wood post keen eyes will see the first Tootflits house high in the trees, this is where Odon Poolittle lives. His neighbour Bombi NoffNuff can be found close by, knock on the door to check if anyone’s home. You may not get an answer but these shy playful creatures may be watching you nearby.

The Holey Posty marks half way and next a meeting seat provides a welcome resting spot for the magical creatures that forage daily for their favourite delicacy – edible fungus. On wards and a green stone marks the spot where Jenfrey Hoolups has made here home and as you pass a frog on a log you are almost back to the car park where you started.

You will not be disappointed with the magic you find deep in this wood. Keep your eyes peeled….

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