Take Your Kids on an Edinburgh Expedition to Discover Dinosaurs!

Posted by Lowlandlettings on 11 August 2015

Dinosaurs are back – this time, in Edinburgh!


Don’t believe me? Well, maybe take what I say with a pinch of salt. But with so many exciting and inspiring dinosaur exhibits on right now, it’s never been easier to educate your kids about our prehistoric predecessors with a fun day out.

In fact, many of my guests who visit Painter’s cottage in Haddington do exactly that, and I’ve been hearing all about it.

Feel like following in their footsteps? I’m going to tell you exactly where you can get up close and personal with some amazing dinosaurs – some of them even move!

‘Dinosaurs Return’ at Edinburgh Zoo

I love a good trip to Edinburgh zoo, but until November 1st it’s even more special, featuring the most fabulous dinosaur exhibition I’ve ever seen! I visited there last week with my family and got some incredible photos – you won’t believe your eyes.

These are actually moving, noisy dinosaurs. To get an even better idea of the wow factor involved here, take a peek at the video below – that is, if you’ve brave enough!

Find out more about Dinosaurs Return via the official Edinburgh zoo website.

Dynamic Earth

We continue our expedition at Dynamic Earth, where you’ll find out all about dinosaurs and their early reign on Earth. Learn all about the history of our planet, how dinsoaurs came into being, and how they eventually departed – you can even come face-to-face with an extinct dino!

If your child is aged between 6 – 14 years of age, they can also sign up for a free membership to Dyno’s Dynamos Kids’ Club. They’ll receive lots of free stuff throughout the year, and they’ll also have the chance to attend various Saturday morning workshops once term-time starts on 1st September.

For a glimpse of what you can expect, take a look right here.



Mr Wood’s Fossils

Want a better look at some real-life fossils? Mr Wood’s Fossils is a famous Edinburgh fossil shop that has been around since 1987, and it’s always fun to pop in and see what’s for sale. They also have a stunning collection of ammonites, trilobitesand and meteorite cubes/jewellery.

To find out more, visit the website.

National Museum of Scotland

If the fossils impress you, but you want to get a better idea of how all the pieces fit together, the National Museum of Scotland features some amazing life-sized dinosaur skeleton casts – including 12-metre long T-Rex!

There’s also a couple of dinosaur workshops for schools, including the chance to dig for dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Discovery workshop.

Discover more of what’s on at the National Museum of Scotland.


Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? With so many dinosaur exhibits right now, it has never been a better time for a day trip to Edinburgh with the kids! ‘Dinosaurs Return’ at Edinburgh zoo is an absolute must-see, but it’s only on until 1st November, so better hurry! You can continue the search at Dynamic Earth, before getting a good look at some real-life fossils at Mr Wood’s Fossil shop. Finally, the National Museum of Scotland features some life-sized dinosaur skeleton casts, including a 12-metre long T-Rex!


Have you been to see the dinosaurs in Edinburgh yet?

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