Why a Poor Night’s Sleep Could Make Your Guests Fat

Posted by Linda Maclaughlan on 11 November 2013

Adventures of A&WMan - Chap 1Research shows that 25% of us have some sort of sleep problem and that people who sleep for less than seven hours per night are more likely to be overweight or obese.

Now I’m not suggesting that a 7 night stay in your holiday cottage is going to put the pounds on your guests but getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important generally so why should it be any different when you are on holiday?

Hotels are vying to get you into their beds and some like Premier Inn base their whole advertising campaign on a good night’s sleep even offering a good night guarantee.

Sleep: It’s not an option

Just why is sleep so important? If it wasn’t there would be more examples of creatures that don’t do it! Can you actually think of a creature that doesn’t sleep in some form or another? Here are some of the reasons why sleep is vital to our health and wellbeing:

  1. S – reduces Stress
  2. L – helps us to Lose weight
  3. E – makes us smarter – more ‘Eureka’ moments
  4. E – makes us more Energetic
  5. P- helps with memory Processing
  6. Y – You are more likely to smile more
  7. H – Keeps our Heart healthy
  8. E- helps to prevent Errors
  9. A- helps reduce chronic inflammation like Arthritis
  10. D- reduces risk of Depression

Do starfish actually sleep?

Well if a Starfish is on your list of creatures that don’t sleep I’m afraid you are wrong as yes they do sleep. Where do you think the saying sleeping like a starfish comes from?

Or did I just make that up?

How many of us yearn to be stretched out like a starfish on an extra-large bed with sumptuous pillows and clean crisp linen?

I certainly do.

The reality is that most people’s sleeping arrangements at home involve being shoe horned into a double bed (or smaller) with junior and Fido in between.

In addition probably with a lumpy mattress and even lumpier pillows.

Sound familiar?

Is it any wonder that 25% of us have some sort of sleep problems?

If you want to avoid having your guests wake up and feel like they’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson , here’s some things you can do to potentially offer them the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had!

Why size really does matter in the bedroom

Here are some genuine excerpts from my guest’s comments:

“The best night’s sleep I’ve ever had”

“OMG I’ve slept for 12 hours”

“If you are ever getting rid of that bed – I want it”

“I’ve never slept so well in years – I will be back”

Now I’m not saying that our guests have left slimmer, with a healthy heart and their Arthritis suddenly and completely relieved but they have felt good enough to mention it which really does reinforce just how important sleep is.

And hopefully for you they will remember that they had that great night’s sleep in your sweet bed.

What you can do

  1. If possible offer a king size bed or larger ¾ beds if you have singles – size is important.
  2. Choose a good quality mattress or mattress topper.
  3. Crisp clean linen – remember that feeling when you get into a clean freshly made bed?
  4. Be indulgent with your linen, crisp white or something traditional.
  5. Supply extra pillows and blankets and perhaps even a hot water bottle.
  6. Heavy curtains to shut out the light – this will improve sleep quality
  7. Try to have bedrooms in a quieter part of the house if possible.
  8. >White walls – I personally find this helps to sleep.
  9. Invest in some bird seed (for outside of course) there is nothing more pleasant than waking up to bird song – obviously these chirpie chappies have had a good night’s sleep!
  10. Temperature control – a cooler environment provides a better night sleep – just think of those stuffy hotel rooms!
  11. Aroma – certain smells are proven to aid sleep – consider some subtle dried Lavender in the room – but don’t overdo it!

So now we know how important sleep is (and that yes Starfish do sleep) and also what you can do to give your guests one of the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had.

Sweet dreams everyone …….

Where did you have the best sleep of your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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